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Sofa is the most important thing in the house. It not only provides comfort but also is visually appealing. The right chemicals, equipment and trained professionals is a neccesity. Blueace understands the requirements for an efficient sofa cleaning process and provides efficient and affordable sofa cleaning services. With a team of dedicated professionals we are expert in shampooing, sanitizing and removing stains from your sofa to make it look clean, fresh and bright. From On-site inspection, Pre-Cleaning, Shampooing to final toouches, we provide upholstery cleaning service for over years. We would love to give our skilled utility service that keeps you stress-free all along as we take care of the delicacy of the sofa without harming its fabric. We clean and sanitize all typed of sofa for both commercial and residential presmises. If you think your sofa is dirty and need cleaning, Blueace will take of it. Book Online or contact us at: 9311539090 / 8800130424. We will be happy to serve you!